Illustrated Interviews

Are you interested in the Illustrated Interview?

Illustrated Interviews are my way of reaching out to the Lunacy Community and giving you all the chance to share your experiences. We all learn from each other and I sincerely believe having a space to share your frustrations, anxieties and advice is essential to bettering everyone’s understanding of the world and ourselves.

How does it work?

Simply fill out the form below (you can do this anonymously if desired) and I will receive your story.

After reading the submissions, I will pick one, write it into interview style, and illustrate it (per your instructions on the form) and release the post seven days from the last day of open submissions.

Here’s what you need to know before submitting:

Illustrated Interviews are strictly anonymous unless otherwise specified (I understand some writers will want credit). Please ensure you do NOT name any companies, locations of companies, or names of coworkers if you wish to remain anonymous. The whole point is to be as candid as possible—but without being mean. We will redact upon request/when given permission. So, should your story contain sensitive information, make sure you read your submission carefully before sending.

Illustrated Interviews are meant to be a fun, safe way to either blow off some steam or give advice you’d have found useful prior to your experiences.

Illustrated Interviews should revolve around business; of course, I will make a few exceptions should the story bring relevance to really good advice.

Illustrated Interviews will be selected, edited and illustrated per the brand of the site. If we see anything “un-kosher” (basically do not abuse this opportunity), WE WILL REDACT IT. This is a humor site paired with motivational advice towards the struggle of professionalism.

So, if you would like to be considered for Illustrated Interviews, fill out the questionnaire below as we are now accepting Submissions!


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