The Chronicles of Fifi & Sparkle: Attack on Mount Perseverance Pt. 1

Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should.

If only Sparkle and I held that wise sentiment before setting out on the most infamous journey of our lives.

Part I: Doppelgängers on the Mount

The day started like any other normal day—except, of course, for the fact it felt like waking up on Christmas morning. Sparkle and I are avid hikers. We love being outside among the aged bodies of earth and deep rivers of time. Whenever we were granted the open alignment in our schedules, we certainly took to the beloved hills.

So, with spirit in our eyes and excitement in our bellies, we grabbed the directions and packed a few snacks for our half-day hike. Rolling into the trail-head parking lot, we felt that sudden sigh of, “This is it. It’s a dangerous and beautiful world out there and alas we venture forth like so many before us.”

Asset 177

Dangerous, indeed.

We packed the car, left the itinerary under the seat, and began hiking under the shady, dew-ridden boughs consistent with a crisp spring morning in the mountains.

The trail began leveling out within fifteen minutes. After about two hours, we realized the trail was relatively easy altogether, give or take rolling ascents and descents of ten feet.

Along the way, after discussing the various hopes and aspirations for our post-graduation lives, we decided we weren’t ready to quit on the mountain.

Asset 180

Fortunately, we bumped into two well-traveled, middle-aged women. They were very sweet and compliant when we asked for the nearest spur or trail to which we could further venture. Pulling out their map (we should have had one but lesson soon to be learned…), they spoke of how they’d done every trail, spur and otherwise along the mountain on which we all stood.

Something stood out to the two of us. We felt a sudden bond with these two women and decided they were our future selves.

Why, then, did we not listen?

Looking at the map, the ladies pointed out a 3-mile-round spur to a waterfall and an additional ten-mile connection back to our lot.

Asset 186

We had trekked about four, easy miles and felt invincible.

“I think we can do the long trail and the three mile trail,” says I.

“Yeah, me too!” replies Sparkle.

“No. I wouldn’t,” hastily encouraged the two woman, “You both look fit, but that trail is not like this one. It’s difficult. It has steep inclines and pairing it with the falls spur is not a good idea. We know. We tried.”

Naturally, being two younger girls with a temporary invincibility complex, we assumed based on their knee braces we were stronger than they comprehended. It never occurred to us the knee brace was a result of the attempt.


So, we both ate our first of two snacks (an apple) and set forth to the spur. Up and down we went for the three miles, eating a sandwich along the way. We still felt great after 7.5 miles of hiking.

“I think we should do the other.”

“Me too.”

We ventured forth and the first few miles felt good. We figured the trail would maintain the same intermediate terrain and were therefore not too concerned with our condition. Here’s the thing about mountains—terrain is not consistent. It is not to be assumed. Had we a map, we could have seen where the elevation lines clustered and recognized our mistake before going too far.

So by about mile eleven, we hit the inclines.

Hard.Asset 189

With only a banana, no map, and a half cup of water each, we realized we had no choice but forward. Had we backtracked, it would have been 9 miles versus 6 to return. The sun had begun slowly declining. We had maybe three to four hours left of sunlight. 9 miles would have certainly put us on the trail in the dark.

Just when we thought everything was leveling out, we hit another mile of steep, 40–50ft inclines and declines. We had to climb ladders up the sides of sheer rock walls, boulder over rolling rock faces, and dig our heels down slippery, moss ridden roots.

We were dehydrated.

Without adrenaline, we would have collapsed. I remember brainstorming shelter plans and searching (quietly)  for things we could use.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse, I turn around and Sparkle is way behind.

She was having trouble breathing. Her asthma was acting up.

To be continued…




Announcement: Free Swag Coming Soon

Hello, Lunacy Community.

I cannot begin to thank you all enough for your support, guidance and faith since Entry Level Lunatic’s launch on April 4th, 2017. In less than three months, my entire life has changed. Writing and illustrating again, I feel like I am finally finding my niche, sticking my feet to where I’d previously been too afraid.

But enough about me.Asset 176

ELL could not have met the first quarter goals without such an amazing community of thinkers, readers and innovators! Although still fledgling and learning to fly within the internet expanse, I feel as though anything is possible with such amazing fans. Our community has grown over 300% beyond the estimated goal!

I mean—Wow! The quarter has not even closed yet. Maybe it’s not that impressive, but I feel it’s more about the quality of the fans, not the quantity—and you are all amazing and impressive. ELL will certainly have some big things coming down the chute in the future and I am so excited to continue this journey with you all.

How could I possibly begin to thank you?

By giving away Free Stuff, of course. I will be giving away a special package filled to the brim with ELL swag among a few of my other favorite things.

I will be releasing the incentive next week once the photoshoot is complete (it’s a really exciting time for ELL) and will attach the rest of the details then—so stay tuned!

The campaign will open on July 4th and close July 11th. 

Asset 174

A Short Post About Confidence

I used to think confidence was genetic—I thought either beauty, brains, or braun solely allowed the aura of unattainable perfection, by which I was easily intimidated, to emanate from others.

Until recently, I thought confidence an entirely external source. Truthfully, nothing external can make you happy or comfortable with yourself: it all comes down to mental reasoning and self-acceptance.

When discussing personal demons a few years back, my friend RaRa told me something I will never forget. Although she was talking about confidence pertaining to body image, I feel as though this can be applied anywhere:

“I once wrote two letters: one to the part of me I hated most and the second as a response back.

So, I wrote to my legs:

‘Dear Legs,

You disgust me. You’re the worst disappointment and I cannot even stand to look at you. You’ve let me down. Everyone who sees you is disgusted. Sometimes I wish I could get rid of you and get new, better legs.'”


Asset 173

Now, I know it sounds odd, but just bear with me:

“Dear RaRa,

I am so sorry for disappointing you. I don’t understand why you feel this way. I do my best even when it’s hard. I carry you around, I hold you up, and do everything else you ask. I want to be the best for you and to work with you to make sure we both get what we want.”

—Your Legs

RaRa was (is) thin, beautiful and in great shape. I had no idea she felt that way about her body (she had no reason to—in my opinion, she’s a goddess). Not only did she confront her feelings about her body, she also confronted the accountability and logic behind her feelings.

The letter idea is simple yet impactful, teaching me something so important, obvious, and elusive all at once.

Confidence takes all of the great and bad qualities about ourselves, shows us how to embrace them equally, allows us to work with our flaws and accept them in addition to the control, or lack thereof, by which we have over them.

Confidence is all about internal perspective, not external. Someone beautiful who seems to have it all but may be struggling with asking their crush out. We are all just people. Extraordinary people.

We all struggle with ourselves. It’s natural. Accept yourself, embrace yourself, and remember flaws can also be strengths. You just have to get a little creative.

Asset 171

The Difference Learning Now Versus Then

Education is the number one way to either make your career or break your career—and no, I’m not just talking about institutionalized education.

Let me explain:

At age 18, we are expected to know exactly what we want in life. Here’s the thing: the internet is a large and complex source of navigation between all things intuitive and counter-intuitive.

I am part of the last generation who saw the internet grow, change and share itself with parts of the world previously, solely experienced via a map, magazine or expensive venture.

In other words, ten years ago, flying cars, 3D printed organs and communicative watches were fun to imagine.

Now they exist.

How can we confidently pick careers in this rapidly changing world? How many jobs don’t even exist yet?

If anything should be taught in high schools as an elective, it’s how to master monitoring the evolving market—I think that would be helpful to the students before they’re cast into the world. We have seen such an increasingly intense boom of technology, half the things I learned in school ten years ago have already been corrected and changed.

For example:

Asset 165

How much more change could there possibly be? A lot.

Politics, science, religion, technology, art, socialization and the workforce are rapidly evolving so quickly, opportunities are coming and going faster than they can be cultivated.

Knowing everything will be extremely different in only a year, how can anyone look at the the world and confidently decide on a path?

Well, that depends on your education—but not that kind of education.

Education extends far beyond institutions. We, as a people, must always educate ourselves to keep up with the changes happening daily. That’s what the internet has created for us: the ability to monitor and follow trends within our circles (as long as you know how to find reliable resources).

Asset 166

Anytime I struggle in a class, with job software, or even home-improvement I, like many others, go to Youtube and educate myself with any of the millions tutorials posted.

Although my parents taught me, I know plenty of people without the basic knowledge to change a tire. When finding themselves with a flat, they simply use their smartphones to do a little roadside research and—Boom! Knowledge acquired. Problem solved.

People ask me why I have chosen marketing as a career point. It’s a big switch from fine arts and marketing is allegedly a “dying department.” What I have found, much like fine art, is marketing will be around forever, just not in the way we know it today. Between VR and AR, the marketing world is about to have a serious facelift and I want to be in the operating room.

Think about 3D printing companies…do you think they knew exactly what industry they were going to be in 15 years ago? You bet they didn’t. I want to see where the next 15 years will take me…I’m already fantasizing about my self-automated-hover-scooter-cocktail-maker.

In short, the whole point is this: finding your path is going to be difficult, but fear not. The world is changing and it’s going to be overwhelming. Heck, I’m still overwhelmed.

Despite the swirling boom of changes, try to welcome it and remember: if your calling doesn’t seem to exist today, it might exist tomorrow. Make the best out of everything you see, learn and feel the changes moving you in the right direction. Everything is going to be okay.

Asset 170

Finding Inspiration on the Ant-Hill (Without Being Squished)

Whether having a wild imagination or the inability to visualize a unicorn, we all need inspiration to guide us.

Now, “inspiration” is a word often thrown around without intended meaning. True inspiration is a lot like “true love”: it will hit you and stick with you and, when you think it’s gone, will reignite in the darkest of places. Inspiration can come from a hermit crab, a billowing cloud against a sunset, a mom jogging with a stroller, a dog walking on his hind legs—everyone’s mind is so incredibly different, the smallest things can spark the biggest ideas.


Asset 161

I don’t like to say I’m “following my dreams.” As an adult, I feel it’s become less of me “following” a path and more about me leading my dreams down the most efficient route. Otherwise, I’d do something unrealistically and damagingly drastic like attempting world domination and either A) succeed and be in way over my head or B) be institutionalized (most likely scenario).

But inspiration is what shows you how to take control of your dreams.

It’s very hard to be without gall, walk up to an employer and say “I deserve a promotion,” even when it’s well deserved. Inspiration is what turns people into superheroes; it’s powerful.

Let’s say a hard-working employee, Jeff, is torn between either asking his intense, busy boss of three years for his first promotion or keeping his head low—let’s assume he works sixty hour weeks and does “the most.”

While on his lunch break, Jeff observes an ant struggling to carry a crumb 3x’s its size. Despite the sheer difference in the size between the crumb and ant, the ant succeeds.

Jeff then begins thinking about how similar to the ant he is, how the ant was working hard without complaint, listening to the boss, and bringing success to the colony. Jeff then feels a surge of pride in his work, in the success he has brought to the company, finishes his lunch, marches into the boss’s office and begins the conversation.

Asset 164

We have all watched, at one time or another, ants carrying crumbs out of mild fascination and amusement. It’s not an anomaly worth marveling at (unless you’re an entomology enthusiast). Any other day, the ant wouldn’t make Jeff think twice. However, in the moment, the ant went from insignificant to extraordinary and inspired Jeff to do the same—he fed his inspiration.

The point is, inspiration comes from an exact alignment of events, emotions, and situations.

Asset 159What inspired me to start applying to graduate school, quit my job and take the reigns on my life? Many different things; one that sticks out in my memory happened on a normal walk through the park. Tinkle kept pawing at my leg to play and I wouldn’t—I was too tired. My eyes began to well up with tears, pitying Tinkle for having such a disappointing guardian. My thoughts immediately hovered back to graduate school, wishing my job didn’t drain my sanity, my life consisted of more than being consumed by perpetual exhaustion.

I was tired and terrified of everything—terrified of telling Husband I wanted to pursue graduate school. Furthering my education meant kissing the money we’d tirelessly been saving for a house goodbye.

I was so afraid of being a disappointment, afraid of being selfish.

Then, it struck me—I was setting myself up for the biggest disappointment of all: self-condemnation. I was using the potential, nonexistent disappointment of others to downplay my own.

Before, I only saw a future in which I’d turn bitter and mean, suppressing my aspirations and potential. Heck, it was already happening. My creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and drive laid waiting for so long, it had crawled to the back of my brain waiting to die.

I snapped back to reality, to the park, Tinkle still pawing at my leg.

I realized I deserve to see how far I can go as an individual.

I started feeding the inspiration, keeping up the momentum, keeping doubt from getting in the way. I started reading business books, anthologies, and biographies to learn everything I could. I took the GMAT, applied to two schools, got accepted and networked within my community without hesitation.

I completely changed my life, my relationships, and my view on the world. Since I’ve been blogging, the world has become less terrifying. I hesitate less and feel as though I am thinking clearer than ever.

Inspiration is what fuels us. Inspiration is what drives us down the less traveled pathway.

P.S. If you want to feed your inspiration, read this book.

Asset 160

The Next Best Thing to Delivery Food During a Cruddy Work Week

We all have those weeks where the boss is bearing down on us, the workload is crushing our sanity and the thought of doing anything after work continually compounds into an eventual, unbearable burst of self-loathing and laziness.

However, when we cannot seem to control most aspects of our lives, we can almost always control one thing: how we eat.

While I’ve gone through weeks cooking every night after work, I’ve also gone through months where I cannot attempt making anything…except a call to the local delivery food chain.

Asset 149

However convenient and wonderful the invention of delivery food is, it adds up.


Cost, calories and my weight used to skyrocket during these periods, causing more stress and self-deprecation. Not only that, Husband and I did some math and found we were spending an average $440.00/month on delivery.

Asset 151

That’s insane. That’s the cost of our first apartment’s monthly rent. 

We have since been trying to cut back on delivery orders and finding ways to plan around our inevitable moments of work-week-weakness.

Naturally, our habits began evolving. We went to the grocery every two weeks and had ourselves on a really great roll for a while.

But then the troubling weeks would happen: late work nights, obligations, evening errands, and horrendous traffic would pile up consecutively. 

These were the nights we’d succumb to the convenience of delivery food—the habit would begin to snowball all over again. Although we were ordering less frequently at this point, we were still spending quite a pretty penny, which troubled me since we had food in the fridge for which we’d already paid.

Over time, I began realizing the most troubling part about making food during a late night was not in the effort of making it, but instead in the effort deciding what to make. We always ordered the same things from the same place and knew what to expect. It was easy.

With this concept of “knowing” in mind, I decided we needed to start meal planning.

Asset 152

It is such a simple concept, I’m sure some of you are going “Well, duh,” as I realize this is an incredibly first world problem. But this is my culture. This is the world in which I was raised—I know my privileges, blessings, and that I’m not the only one who needs a little guidance on how to defeat our weaknesses.

In such a fast-paced and ever-evolving world, it’s difficult to remember our health needs to be a top-shelf priority

So, we started meal planning—planning for the nights we’d fall victim to quick fix delivery and for the nights we’d want something truly home-cooked. Always looking for new ways to better our lives, I got this meal planner to see if it would help.

Asset 156

Skeptical at first, I wondered if I would use it for the first three days and then quit because it “didn’t feel right.” If you journal, sketch, or are a tedious planner, then you know what I mean. For those of you who don’t know: from computers to journals and scissors to gyro-saws, being picky about tools means comes with being passionate about what you do as a hobby or career.

My skepticism quickly dissipated: the planner gives everything you could possibly need to stay on track, including recipes, motivational quotes, and space to write your own notes.

As a planner fanatic, I am pleased.

We have since been planning out every week and cut back on delivery to only twice a month—either for drunken nights or when friends come over for a casual. Of course the planner didn’t do all of this for us, but as planners often do, it definitely made everything WAY easier. Having a visual plan makes everything easy as clockwork. Not only that, but having a place specifically for meal planning versus being scattered among my other planner details was a change I didn’t even realize I needed.

Not only are we healthier in our eating habits, but when cooking in the kitchen, we make better use of our time together. As much as we enjoy sitting on the floor at the coffee table with delivery stir-fry or nachos while watching TV, cooking functions as an awesome decompression. The aromas and methodical preparation serve as a therapeutic cleansing of the day.

Oh, and we save a ton of money. In my opinion, that’s the next best thing to delivery food.

Asset 155

The Meaning of Hard Work

People will always tell you: “Hard work gets you far.” “Hard works pays off.” “Hard work is the only thing that matters.”

What they do not tell you is the actual meaning of hard work.

Hard work does NOT mean, “Bust your ass until you’ve basically exhausted your health, resources and energy.”

Hard work means, “Do your best and make the best of what you do.”

The difference?

There was a period in my life where I stayed up for 60+ hours straight. I often had five final projects due in one day. I hadn’t procrastinated, I just had a LOT of different projects outside of school, a job, and time carved out for cold calling every business in the city to which I was moving.

Asset 146

Basically, I was trying to plan for my future and instill my future at the same time. I had a very intense schedule. If you look in my planner during that time period, I actually scheduled “All-Nighters” throughout the semester. It was just part of what I thought necessary. It was planning , not procrastination.

I worked myself to the bone.

There was an obvious flaw in all of this planning. I stressed myself out to the point I fell numb to the world.

I became kind of, um, mean. I didn’t go around being a jerk and telling people they stunk, I just didn’t have time for anyone, and I made it very clear.

Therefore, I forgot how to talk to people. I forgot who I was.

Asset 145

I was trying to do my best in everything else but the most important thing: self-betterment.

Ask yourself this question:

Why do you work hard?

You probably work hard to better yourself, your life and to support those around you.

I was doing none of this. I had completely forgotten the point. I was just working to work. Stressing to stress. Planning to fail.

I didn’t need to cold call every business. I didn’t need to schedule all-nighters. I could have picked what was really important and made those the top priority.

Asset 147

So, the true meaning of hard work should not be lost in the supposed actions of hard work. If you’re not bettering one part of your life, you’re not working hard, you’re just working. Stay strong and pursue your life the way that betters you. Make your dreams follow you!

Asset 148

The Minutes-A-Day Way to Keep Cool Under Pressure

There’s always a point during the week where we feel caught in the middle of everything: work, a social life, and chores all seem to funnel into one day. 12–18 hours is not enough time, especially for someone who notoriously wants to do it all. This can be extremely stressful.

Personally, I often feel phantom guilt for not stretching myself thinly enough. “Phantom” because I have no idea why I feel guilty. If I can’t make it, then I can’t make it—isn’t that simple?

No, it’s not simple. Sometimes, you HAVE to make it. Sometimes, you have to plan everything in one day.

Here’s the best way I’ve found to deal:

#1 Keep a Detailed Planner (10 minutes/week)

I have a weekly planner. On the left, the days (Mon.–Sun.) are shown. On the right, there’s a full page for notes. I keep the essential details on the left side, i.e.  places, times, and people whereas on the left I keep detailed checklists for “Home,” “Career,” “Blog,” “School,” “Health,” and “Social.” Each checklist ends up with at least three to six tasks per week. Broken down, I can prioritize tasks based on their list and keep from making one, super-long-list of stress. Additionally, I can easily check the specifics of each meeting or engagement by looking to the left, saving me a ton of time.

Asset 142

#2 Keep Exercising Even When You’re Busy (20 mins 3x’s/week)

I admit it—sometimes I automatically write off exercise as a priority. Every time I do, I risk making a bad habit of continually skipping workouts because I’m “still too busy.” Here’s the thing: everyone has AT LEAST 10–20 minutes to run, do push-ups, practice yoga or take a bike ride.

Exercise doesn’t have to mean “go to the gym and sweat for three hours to make it worthwhile.” Exercise is an excuse to get outside, step away from your work, and clear your head.

You can even incorporate exercise into your social engagements. Go berry-picking or for a walk in the local park. Doesn’t that sound nice? Yes, it does. In fact, I just inspired myself to go for a jog. Look at that.

#3 If You Have to Choose, Choose Wisely (0 mins)

This applies to all factions of life.

Don’t keep putting off “that one thing” because you’d rather have fun. Albeit a doctor’s appointment, essay with a deadline slowly approaching, or an overwhelming task you can’t quite conceive, you need to decide if these are worth passing up for whatever else you’re wanting to do. Besides, they’ll stay in the back of your mind until you check them off. Think about the long-term pros and cons.

Asset 143

#4 Make Time for You (5–10 mins/day)

I’ve mentioned this in a previous post, but I’m reiterating it: you must always find time for yourself. Read a book, close your eyes, take a nap, go sit in the park or even stare at a wall. Give your mind a break. Still don’t think you need to? Let me put it into workaholic terms: we all know the pinwheel of death (Mac) or the hourglass of despair (PC)—either the computer will shut everything down and lose your work, or push through the commands, which is not good for the hard-drive.

Think about your mental breakdowns or moments of extreme stress as similar instances. The pinwheel and hourglass only appear when the computer is asked to do too much at the same time. When we try to do too much, stretch ourselves too thinly, we ether end up doing less of a great job than capable or exhaust ourselves into a stress-vortex.

Fortunately, unlike the computer, we can take a step back before self-destruction happens and refresh ourselves in the middle of a process. Take advantage of your human qualities, let yourself process.

Asset 144

That’s about it! It will only take an average of 20 mins/day to change your life, to keep calm under the pressure of the world.

It’s easier than you think to follow these steps.

Right now, make a vow to yourself you will try at least two of these things before the end of the week. You will see a difference in your attitude almost immediately.

Cheers, friends!

Have any other tips? I’d LOVE to hear them! Comment below or submit through the Illustrated Interviews tab. 🙂

The Branding Game & How to Play

Your brand is everything.Asset 7

Like the guidance counsellor at school, your brand is there to support you even if you don’t believe it is. With time, you’ll discover branding guides you into choosing what’s best for yourself and company in the long run.

Now, regarding Entry Level Lunatic’s branding, let me give some context to the relevance of this post. The conference I attended this past weekend addressed the importance of branding. As a graphic designer and aspiring marketing master, I already knew branding is the most effective way to obtain and maintain patrons.

As I sat through the conversations pretending I was also a know-it-all (I wasn’t fooling anyone), it hit me: when it comes to my personal projects, I let my own branding guidelines slip away. This is not because I am unfamiliar with branding but instead because I hold other people’s brands in a higher regard than my own, always putting theirs first.

As a result, I’d forgotten to whittle and perfect my own brand as it grew.

So, without further adieu, here’s the face of ELL


Asset 5

Basically, I want everyone to read, and share my own stories in addition to their own. ELL is meant to start a dialogue, delivering slices of life making people realize they’re 1) not alone, 2) able to learn from others and 3) able to teach others regardless of negative or positive situations. Everything is a lesson in life.


Asset 2
The names are attempted humor, much like the posts. 

These are the colors I associate with the night sky (Night ELL), fire (Hot As ELL / ELL O ELL) and the moon (Y ELL O).

Why pick based on these three elements?

The night sky is for inspiration, for the galaxies and dreams we are destined to discover.  Fire is for the passions burning in all of us, both friendly and fierce. The moon is for all the lunacy we experience on the way to the stars.

Last but not least…

Logo Set:

Asset 6

The logo set is a play on the old, less comprehensive logo (in the cover image & at the top). This time, however, we have a more elegant flame and letters accompanying the burning, downward arrow.

Gee, it’s almost professional.

The logo maintains consistency with the humor of the brand as well: because “ELL” sounds like “Hell” and, with the symbolism of fire, one could enjoy a smirk at the fact being an Entry-Level employee can be “Hell.”

Additionally, the burning of the downward arrow is representative of tossing away the idea of an “up” versus “down” in success. Success is like being in zero gravity. There is neither up nor down. It is based on perspective, how you view the world and your goals. Anything is possible and everyone’s path is different.

That about sums it up so thank you for reading!

Asset 8

Please let me know what you think in the comments below. I am always looking for some feedback. 🙂


Dreams and How to Follow Them

If you’re anything like me, you usually expect life to hand you lemons in lieu of a cold glass of lemonade. It’s not a complaint, just a recognition people will not (and should not) do my work for me; I know how lucky I am. I count my blessings.

Well, these past few months, I was handed the usual basket of lemons—this time with a quart of sugar called confidence.

Let me explain:

Three months ago, I started dreaming of an alternate reality, quit my job, and began studying my ass off. I took the GMAT with good results (I am NOT a great test-taker) and applied to my schools of choice. To summarize, I took my inability to succeed, squeezed the juice out of every opportunity I could possibly grasp, and started adding my newfound confidence to my list of habits.

With hope in tow, I moved through the weeks awaiting results with breath half-held.

I received an email.

Turns out, even though I applied over a month late to both of my top choices, my applications were good enough to consider;

“We will be releasing the acceptance results in three days,” said the lady during an admissions interview, “but your application was so strong I just had to give you a chance.”

Who in their right mind would ever give me a chance?

I kid you not, it took all my strength not to bawl on the spot (I only get emotional if circumstances are either A) people being unnecessarily kind or B) during the spaghetti and meatballs scene in Lady and the Tramp).

So, I finished the interview, left the country for a conference with Husband, and awaited the following days with limited hopes.

I got into both schools.

Listen; I cannot express the amount of gratitude I have for every person, place and thing that helped elevate me to this position. Between the amazing opportunities, support from Husband, and inspiration from my friends, life is beginning to take flight, and my career is starting.

This post, however, is primarily for those of you reading this.Asset 141.png

I want you to know what I’ve discovered:

Dreams can be misleading at first, either having other people’s visions secretly embedded or even be an idea versus a reality. Don’t think of accomplishing your goals as “following your dreams” anymore.

Dreams are babies: they’re fragile and easily damaged by others.

You are not (unless you are, actually a baby…but I’m talking about adults here).

Instead, make your dreams follow you. You never know where you can take yourself, your dreams will grow and evolve based on what you see—pathways will open for both of you. Just focus on the steps you take; eventually, your dreams will catch up, take your hand, and you will walk together.