Announcement: Who is Swag Enough to Win the Swag?

I am pleased to announce the winner of the very first Free Swag Give-Away!

First, let me thank everyone who participated! Over the 7 days the contest ran, there were 77 entries!

Let’s just say I feel the love and hope you all feel the love as well. I cannot express the gratitude I have for the world, for the people who, without any obligation, offer encouragement and support. What brilliance!

This post will not be too long, in fact I am only writing one here versus only on social media because the winner is someone in the WordPress community (cheers to that!). He has a wonderful blog  and is an excellent writer (I suppose that goes without saying but I said it anyways).

So, congrats to Mayur and I am so excited for you to receive your reward!

And, if you neither entered nor won but desire the Limited Edition items, FEAR NOT! The items (excluding the mystery item) are available in the Entry Level Lunatic Store.

All ELL items in the store will be on sale (sold at factory cost) until 11:50p.m. US-EST  Friday, July 14. 🙂


Asset 19


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