Announcement: Swag Give-Away Campaign Details!

You, the growing Lunacy Community, have shown me the true meaning of support, love and passion. You are all wonderful, brilliant and special people to which I personally thank and credit with ELL’s success.

With that, I am happy to announce the time for campaign details is nigh!

This Swag Give-Away link will take you to the campaign page, which will begin accepting submissions July 4th and close submissions July 11th.

If you are among the many willing participants, PLEASE read this carefully. I want to make sure this goes as smoothly as possible for you fierce, fantastic fans.

There are only two rules:

  1. Anyone can enter.
  2. There will be only one winner.

How simple is that? Very.

Winners will receive:

  • 2 Ltd. Edition t-shirts
  • 1 ELL Mug
  • 1 Mystery Item of Importance (It’s super awesome)

**If you are announced as the winner on July 12th, you will need to submit your name, address, and shirt size so I can get everything right. 🙂 **

If you need extra incentive, the swag is free, stylish and shows your #LunacyCom pride.

So, if you want to be decked out in free swag, have the coolest mug in the office, and see what amazing mystery item I have in mind, be sure to bookmark this link and mark your calendar for July 4th!

That’s only in one week!

Here is a teaser for one of the tee designs:

Asset 13


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