Announcement: Free Swag Coming Soon

Hello, Lunacy Community.

I cannot begin to thank you all enough for your support, guidance and faith since Entry Level Lunatic’s launch on April 4th, 2017. In less than three months, my entire life has changed. Writing and illustrating again, I feel like I am finally finding my niche, sticking my feet to where I’d previously been too afraid.

But enough about me.Asset 176

ELL could not have met the first quarter goals without such an amazing community of thinkers, readers and innovators! Although still fledgling and learning to fly within the internet expanse, I feel as though anything is possible with such amazing fans. Our community has grown over 300% beyond the estimated goal!

I mean—Wow! The quarter has not even closed yet. Maybe it’s not that impressive, but I feel it’s more about the quality of the fans, not the quantity—and you are all amazing and impressive. ELL will certainly have some big things coming down the chute in the future and I am so excited to continue this journey with you all.

How could I possibly begin to thank you?

By giving away Free Stuff, of course. I will be giving away a special package filled to the brim with ELL swag among a few of my other favorite things.

I will be releasing the incentive next week once the photoshoot is complete (it’s a really exciting time for ELL) and will attach the rest of the details then—so stay tuned!

The campaign will open on July 4th and close July 11th. 

Asset 174


9 thoughts on “Announcement: Free Swag Coming Soon

    1. Of course! I will be picking one person of all who participate and ship the goods wherever in the world. 🙂 The details will be posting soon, too so this is a good point I will be sure to address (international participation). Thank you!

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