The Meaning of Hard Work

People will always tell you: “Hard work gets you far.” “Hard works pays off.” “Hard work is the only thing that matters.”

What they do not tell you is the actual meaning of hard work.

Hard work does NOT mean, “Bust your ass until you’ve basically exhausted your health, resources and energy.”

Hard work means, “Do your best and make the best of what you do.”

The difference?

There was a period in my life where I stayed up for 60+ hours straight. I often had five final projects due in one day. I hadn’t procrastinated, I just had a LOT of different projects outside of school, a job, and time carved out for cold calling every business in the city to which I was moving.

Asset 146

Basically, I was trying to plan for my future and instill my future at the same time. I had a very intense schedule. If you look in my planner during that time period, I actually scheduled “All-Nighters” throughout the semester. It was just part of what I thought necessary. It was planning , not procrastination.

I worked myself to the bone.

There was an obvious flaw in all of this planning. I stressed myself out to the point I fell numb to the world.

I became kind of, um, mean. I didn’t go around being a jerk and telling people they stunk, I just didn’t have time for anyone, and I made it very clear.

Therefore, I forgot how to talk to people. I forgot who I was.

Asset 145

I was trying to do my best in everything else but the most important thing: self-betterment.

Ask yourself this question:

Why do you work hard?

You probably work hard to better yourself, your life and to support those around you.

I was doing none of this. I had completely forgotten the point. I was just working to work. Stressing to stress. Planning to fail.

I didn’t need to cold call every business. I didn’t need to schedule all-nighters. I could have picked what was really important and made those the top priority.

Asset 147

So, the true meaning of hard work should not be lost in the supposed actions of hard work. If you’re not bettering one part of your life, you’re not working hard, you’re just working. Stay strong and pursue your life the way that betters you. Make your dreams follow you!

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3 thoughts on “The Meaning of Hard Work

  1. Networking well and being in the right place at the right time works too. I once purposely did NOT ask for the big prize when everyone else did, but I was awarded it none the less (see my story ‘A Posting to Germany…). In this story Fate and true love come into play too. xo

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