The Branding Game & How to Play

Your brand is everything.Asset 7

Like the guidance counsellor at school, your brand is there to support you even if you don’t believe it is. With time, you’ll discover branding guides you into choosing what’s best for yourself and company in the long run.

Now, regarding Entry Level Lunatic’s branding, let me give some context to the relevance of this post. The conference I attended this past weekend addressed the importance of branding. As a graphic designer and aspiring marketing master, I already knew branding is the most effective way to obtain and maintain patrons.

As I sat through the conversations pretending I was also a know-it-all (I wasn’t fooling anyone), it hit me: when it comes to my personal projects, I let my own branding guidelines slip away. This is not because I am unfamiliar with branding but instead because I hold other people’s brands in a higher regard than my own, always putting theirs first.

As a result, I’d forgotten to whittle and perfect my own brand as it grew.

So, without further adieu, here’s the face of ELL


Asset 5

Basically, I want everyone to read, and share my own stories in addition to their own. ELL is meant to start a dialogue, delivering slices of life making people realize they’re 1) not alone, 2) able to learn from others and 3) able to teach others regardless of negative or positive situations. Everything is a lesson in life.


Asset 2
The names are attempted humor, much like the posts. 

These are the colors I associate with the night sky (Night ELL), fire (Hot As ELL / ELL O ELL) and the moon (Y ELL O).

Why pick based on these three elements?

The night sky is for inspiration, for the galaxies and dreams we are destined to discover.  Fire is for the passions burning in all of us, both friendly and fierce. The moon is for all the lunacy we experience on the way to the stars.

Last but not least…

Logo Set:

Asset 6

The logo set is a play on the old, less comprehensive logo (in the cover image & at the top). This time, however, we have a more elegant flame and letters accompanying the burning, downward arrow.

Gee, it’s almost professional.

The logo maintains consistency with the humor of the brand as well: because “ELL” sounds like “Hell” and, with the symbolism of fire, one could enjoy a smirk at the fact being an Entry-Level employee can be “Hell.”

Additionally, the burning of the downward arrow is representative of tossing away the idea of an “up” versus “down” in success. Success is like being in zero gravity. There is neither up nor down. It is based on perspective, how you view the world and your goals. Anything is possible and everyone’s path is different.

That about sums it up so thank you for reading!

Asset 8

Please let me know what you think in the comments below. I am always looking for some feedback. 🙂



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