Dreams and How to Follow Them

If you’re anything like me, you usually expect life to hand you lemons in lieu of a cold glass of lemonade. It’s not a complaint, just a recognition people will not (and should not) do my work for me; I know how lucky I am. I count my blessings.

Well, these past few months, I was handed the usual basket of lemons—this time with a quart of sugar called confidence.

Let me explain:

Three months ago, I started dreaming of an alternate reality, quit my job, and began studying my ass off. I took the GMAT with good results (I am NOT a great test-taker) and applied to my schools of choice. To summarize, I took my inability to succeed, squeezed the juice out of every opportunity I could possibly grasp, and started adding my newfound confidence to my list of habits.

With hope in tow, I moved through the weeks awaiting results with breath half-held.

I received an email.

Turns out, even though I applied over a month late to both of my top choices, my applications were good enough to consider;

“We will be releasing the acceptance results in three days,” said the lady during an admissions interview, “but your application was so strong I just had to give you a chance.”

Who in their right mind would ever give me a chance?

I kid you not, it took all my strength not to bawl on the spot (I only get emotional if circumstances are either A) people being unnecessarily kind or B) during the spaghetti and meatballs scene in Lady and the Tramp).

So, I finished the interview, left the country for a conference with Husband, and awaited the following days with limited hopes.

I got into both schools.

Listen; I cannot express the amount of gratitude I have for every person, place and thing that helped elevate me to this position. Between the amazing opportunities, support from Husband, and inspiration from my friends, life is beginning to take flight, and my career is starting.

This post, however, is primarily for those of you reading this.Asset 141.png

I want you to know what I’ve discovered:

Dreams can be misleading at first, either having other people’s visions secretly embedded or even be an idea versus a reality. Don’t think of accomplishing your goals as “following your dreams” anymore.

Dreams are babies: they’re fragile and easily damaged by others.

You are not (unless you are, actually a baby…but I’m talking about adults here).

Instead, make your dreams follow you. You never know where you can take yourself, your dreams will grow and evolve based on what you see—pathways will open for both of you. Just focus on the steps you take; eventually, your dreams will catch up, take your hand, and you will walk together.


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