A Short Post for Monday

Tomorrow I will be focusing on the dreaded graduate application essay. Here is what I have discovered amidst the torturous attempt of eloquently displaying my ambitions:

The greatest power words possess is their elusiveness,  how they easily escape when hunted. Words will take any other route other than what’s desired.

I do not consider myself a good writer. I’ve read good writers. I’ve read great writers. I am not one of them.

Therefore, writing the graduate school essay in coherent sentences will be a feat in and of itself. I will need to battle every single creative block, pull out the professionally personal amount of data and make it read as though I am not just another applicant—I’m an applican. (Ba-dum-chhhhhh).

Asset 130

How can I even begin to encapsulate my passion with elusive words? How can I fool these people into thinking I won’t be their worst nightmare?

I suppose I will find out soon enough—time to lay out the word traps.


Asset 129


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