Hey, Ever Wanted to Tell Your Story Anonymously ?

We have all had trials and tribulations at one point or another.

I cover a lot about my experiences and point of view, but I would really love to create a space for others to do the same. Blogging has been the best experience since I began attempting a career (LOL) and the amount of emotional shit I have shoveled out of my brain has been liberating to say the least…and it has only been a month.

So, I was inspired.Asset 82

Inspired to reach out and help others do the same.

Not everybody has the time to create a blog, so I have created a brand new segment called Illustrated Interviews. Illustrated Interviews (I’m so excited) will allow users/followers to anonymously (optional anonymity) submit personal experiences albeit good advice, bad situations, or just bizarre business and how each was handled.

I want you to have the release, to see your situation differently…

…and by see your situation differently, I mean I will Illustrate your story and post it, share it, and spread the words.

Hence: “Illustrated Interviews.”

I will be posting my first of Illustrated Interviews in the next few days (pending review) and accepting submissions all this week for next Friday, May 5, 2017 (and every other Friday thereafter). 

The Rules and Regulations can be found on the new page here. 🙂 So fill it out if you’re interested!

Leave a comment if you have a question or a thought!


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