Make Over Monday

I am currently cramming for the GMAT, so naturally I found some time to procrastinate and contribute to #MakeOverMonday.

Naturally, I decided to fabricate Fifi into a more detailed composition. The inspiration from this has actually come from a campaign I have in the works.

The campaign entails changing the look of my content per social media platform to test which works best in each environment. This idea came just before my latest social media related post, entailing tidbits about the difference in audience expectations between platforms.

With that information to chew

and without further adieu,

here is a post and rhyme for you!


Asset 3

I mean, this before picture is more like reality. Look at the face and take notice of the emotional anxieties emanating from the seemingly blank expression.

See how the eyes are beady, small and yet so inquisitive? The legs are slightly deformed, indicating an emotional limp.

I went to art school once—I am trained to make almost anything meaningful.

And, here is the moment you’ve all been waiting for:



Asset 4

Beautiful, isn’t she?

Now then, it’s time I go back to cramming and continually reminding myself why I am taking the exam instead of running the study materials over with my car.

Thank you for the read and please, if you find it in your heart, send a note to your god/gods and ask if they could pull some strings. But I am no beggar, so do as you will.

Bring it on, GMAT…



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